University staff are concerned with pastoral care for their students. From time to time staff members may have a concern about a student. You can only raise those concerns with the student involved. Resources to help support students that you can direct them to are located on the Who can help me? page.

If you think the student's behaviour may pose a risk to the health or safety of another student or staff member, you should contact UC Security and Campus Community Support.

All University staff can refer issues of suspected academic dishonesty or a breach of discipline to a University Proctor. Please contact one of the proctors below to discuss your concern.

Dr Deirdre Hart - (College of Science - Department of Geography)
Dr Matthew Barber – (School of Law)
Te Hurinui Clarke - (School of Teacher Education)
Professor Karen Scott – (School of Law)

UC Documents and information

General - relevant to all students and staff
The primary sources of further information can be found in the UC Policy Library and in the University Calendar which holds all the Regulations and Statutes that govern the University.

Some documents that contain important information for all students include:

 Postgraduate Students

External websites with official sources of information