Strategy and Key Messages

Key words are used to define our tone of voice and ensure consistency across channels and audiences. Key words are used to shape key messages.

Key words are:

  • engaged
  • global
  • innovative
  • entrepreneurial
  • future
  • impactful

Communication themes

To ensure a consistent image of UC is communicated to our audiences across all channels key themes have been identified from the Strategic Vision to highlight what UC is passionate about and focused on.

  • UC is an engaged University
  • Internationalisation – locally engaged, globally connected
  • Education – Accessible, flexible, future focused
  • Research – Impact in a changing world
  • People – Nurturing staff, thriving students
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Organisational efficacy

Theme messages

Engagement – UC as an engaged university

  • UC is committed to helping stakeholders, which are contributing to the future of Ōtautahi Christchurch, to achieve their economic, social, cultural, technology and innovation objectives.
  • We are committed to engaging and supporting the community and the wellbeing of all.
  • We partner locally to help businesses with relevant, impactful research that solves some of the world’s grandest challenges.

Internationalisation – Locally engaged, globally connected

  • Increasing nationalities and cultures represented in the student and staff bodies will create a richly diverse community where we can all learn from each other, be more globally connected and aware and make UC an attractive place for students and staff to thrive.
  • Our staff come from over 100 different countries, diversity is welcomed at UC.

Education – Accessible, flexible, future focused

  • UC is committed to enabling students to create and contribute knowledge for a better society and encourage an attitude of lifelong learning through flexible degree options.
  • UC will continue to develop the graduate profile so that UC graduates are known for their bicultural competence and confidence, global understanding, community engagement, employability and innovative thinking.

Research – Impact in a changing world

  • UC’s ethos is to respond to a changing world, make a difference locally and globally and deliver excellence in all that we do. We have a focus on engaging and empowering people to make a difference.
  • UC is leading the way as a producer of research that will solve social and environmental issues facing society now and into the future, working with a multi-agency-research-platform we can deliver real impact.
  • Our research focus is on (a) Social equity, community cohesion, and wellbeing; (b) Sustainable water, energy, food, & resilient infrastructure; (c) Interaction of technology and humanity; and (d) Technological innovation.

People – Nurturing staff, thriving students

  • Students and staff are thriving in an environment where they have a sense of belonging.
  • UC is a diverse and inclusive community with a focus on building our bicultural foundations.
  • Our community is committed to maintaining a high ethical standard in all that we do.

Environmentally sustainable

  • UC understands the importance of incorporating sustainable practices into all areas of education and business, and will provide opportunities for staff and students to collaborate on resolving local and global sustainability challenges.
  • Operationally UC will establish a carbon neutrality initiative to ensure UC is carbon net neutral by 2030.

Organisational efficacy

  • UC will establish initiatives and collaborate with partners to increase economic impact of the University on Ōtauhtahi Christchurch and Waitaha Canterbury. Essentially a “buy local” policy comes into place.
  • The University is conscious of using infrastructure in an ethical and responsible way, and simplifying business processes with a humanistic approach.