Strategy and Key Messages

Key words are used to define our tone of voice and ensure consistency across channels and audiences. Key words are used to shape key messages.

Key words are:

  • engaged
  • global
  • innovative
  • entrepreneurial
  • future
  • impactful

Communication themes

To ensure a consistent image of UC is communicated to our audiences across all channels key themes have been identified from the Strategic Vision to highlight what UC is passionate about and focused on.

  • UC is an engaged University
  • Internationalisation – locally engaged, globally connected
  • Education – Accessible, flexible, future focused
  • Research – Impact in a changing world
  • People – Nurturing staff, thriving students
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Organisational efficacy


Key messages

Tangata tū, Tangata ora
Engaged, Empowered, Making a difference


Engagement – UC as an engaged university

  • UC makes a valuable contribution to the local community.
  • UC students are engaged with the community.
  • UC grows the diversity of talent in Ōtautahi Christchurch and Waitaha Canterbury.

Internationalisation – Locally engaged, globally connected

  • UC partners with international universities to increase teaching and research impact.
  • UC’s international networks provide student exchange opportunities.
  • UC is locally engaged and globally connected.

Education – Accessible, flexible, future focused

  • UC’s graduates are employable, innovative and enterprising.
  • UC provides a learning environment that supports the future of learners and employers.
  • UC provides accessible, flexible, research-led learning and teaching.

Research – Impact in a changing world

  • UC’s research solves local and global challenges.
  • UC’s research benefits the community.
  • UC’s researchers collaborate with industry.

People – Nurturing staff, thriving students

  • UC is a diverse and inclusive community where people feel like they belong.
  • UC’s community empowers people to make a difference.
  • UC enables students to thrive and succeed.

Environmentally sustainable

  • UC equips students to create a more sustainable world.
  • UC is committed to becoming more sustainable and carbon net neutral.
  • UC supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Organisational efficacy

  • UC will grow and diversify to become economically sustainable.
  • UC is an ethical and responsible organisation.
  • UC contributes to the success of the local and regional economy.