UC Social Media Escalation Process 

If the rules of the social media account are broken by a user of the account, this escalation process should be followed by the account administrator:

  1. Screenshot the offending comment
  2. Hide and/or delete the comment (once a screenshot has been saved)
  3. If the offense is serious or in breach of the Harmful Digital Communications Act:
    1. Ban/report the user
    2. Send the screenshot and accompanying information to communications@canterbury.ac.nz

  4. If the offense is minor (bad language etc.), refer the user to the Page Rules via a private message

In addition to the above, if the offending comment or post:

  • Names or identifies a UC Staff Member: notify your UC HR Representative.
  • Names or identifies a UC Student: notify the appropriate PVC, as well as Student Care.
  • If someone is in immediate danger or safety is a concern: phone UC Security on 0800 823 637 at any time.
  • Someone talks about suicidal urges:  phone UC Security on 0800 823 637 immediately and notify Student Care.
  • Breaches the UC Student Code of Conduct: notify the SMT member/PVC who may escalate to a Proctor.
  • Breaches the UC Staff Code of Conduct: notify the SMT member/PVC and HR representative.
  • Has negative reputational ramifications: notify the UC Communications and External Relations Manager.

If an administrator is unsure, the Digital Manager should be contacted with an outline of the concern. The Digital Manager will consult with the Communications and External Relations Manager or the Information and Records Manager as appropriate.

Author: Social Media Editor
Version: 1 | Last Updated: 25 November 2019