Clare Dannenberg

Associate ProfessorClare Dannenberg

James Logie 301
Internal Phone: 91667
My aim is to foster coalitions that connect ideas, human and capital resources, and institutional structures, mapping strengths to shared visions.

Research Interests

I specialize in applied, qualitative research methodologies that involve community-based and community-engaged research. Specifically, I have investigated American English language varieties, focusing on the symbolic representation of self and other over time, social, and physical space. My most recent projects have involved investigating community identities in Anchorage, Alaska. I draw on sociolinguistic, anthropological, and rhetorical theories to better understand the plasticity of community identity in relation to abstract social constructs of home, belonging, sustainability, safety, and health. I have a long history of designing research projects where collaboration with students, community members, and other scholars is central. Such research reciprocity is foundational to building equitable partnerships.

Recent Publications

  • Dannenberg CJ. (2023) Alaska is a Very Small Town: Moving Towards and Understanding of Homelessness in the Urban North. Housing Homelessness Social Policy Urban Housing, Homelessness, and Social Policy in the Urban North.
  • Dannenberg C. (2006) Isolated Language Varieties. Encyclopedia of Language & Linguistics: 51-58.
  • Hausman BL., Lawrence HY., Marmagas SW., Fortenberry L. and Dannenberg CJ. (2020) H1N1 vaccination and health beliefs in a rural community in the Southeastern United States: lessons learned. Critical Public Health 30(2): 245-251.
  • Dannenberg C. and Dredger K. (2016) Difference not Deficit: A Linguistic Primer. English Leadership Quarterly 39(1).
  • Lawrence HY., Hausman BL. and Dannenberg CJ. (2014) Reframing Medicine's Publics: The Local as a Public of Vaccine Refusal. Journal of Medical Humanities 35(2): 111-129.