• Dr Rua Murray, Mathematics lecturer
    Dr Rua Murray, Associate Professor in Mathematics and Statistics, was recognised as one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s top tertiary teachers with an Ako Aotearoa national tertiary teaching excellence award in 2013. His research interests lie in pure and applied mathematics, with a focus on the behaviour of complex systems. He has taught thousands of students from foundation to graduate level.



Our modern society is underpinned by many mathematical insights. Mathematics is a living subject with ideas, techniques, and theorems constantly being created, tested, and explored.

Mathematicians are at the forefront of breakthroughs in science, technology, and finance. Did you know:

  • Money is kept secure when using internet banking protocols based on mathematical cryptography and prime numbers.
  • Medical images such as MRI are reconstructed using mathematical tools that were first developed in the early 1800s.
  • The mathematics of wavelet transformations helps us to understand seismic activity, which may one day assist us with the prediction of earthquakes.
  • Mathematicians can find solutions to equations that govern the universe to help us understand physical phenomena, without the need for expensive experiments.
  • Mathematical modelling can help with the protection of our native flora and fauna.

Mathematical thought is one of the greatest human achievements, and has been around for over 4,000 years. In all these millennia, mathematicians have been one step ahead and are already preparing for the technological advances of the coming generation.

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