Computer Engineering

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Computers are at the heart of most modern products, transforming them into devices capable of sensing, making intelligent decisions, and taking collaborative actions. The Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Computer Engineering brings together elements of electronics and software, giving you the knowledge and expertise to create the next era of powerful smart electronic devices.

This will involve building technical knowledge on sensors, controllers, processors and machine intelligence, and creativity, with a strong emphasis on application-specific design to solve real-world problems.

Portable electronics, autonomous robotics, biomedical devices, household electronics, telecommunications, manufacturing and infrastructure, and high-performance supercomputers are all associated with Computer Engineering.

Minor in Communications and Network Engineering

If you have an interest in the Internet, and specifically in the "Internet of Things", the design and deployment of computer networks, and in a wide range of communications, the minor in Communications and Network Engineering would be a good choice to complement your Computer Engineering degree.

Aotearoa has a large number of Internet service providers, communication and network equipment manufacturers, and infrastructure providers — spanning both major exporters and smaller companies, a number of which are based in Ōtautahi Christchurch. Currently, there is a need to increase the number of graduates with skills in both Computer and Network Engineering to fulfil these roles. Employment opportunities for graduates in this field are extensive, especially in the overseas marketplace.

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