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  • Biomedical Engineering
    Students using motion capture technology in the Biomechanics Lab.



Biomedical Engineering involves designing and creating medical and healthcare technology. As a priority industry in the 21st century, there is a growing need for life-changing engineering solutions that restore function and aid in diagnosis, monitoring, rehabilitation, and delivery of care.

This field of study builds awareness and addresses challenges encompassing global health issues, for example our increasingly aging population, and a rise in illnesses from sedentary lifestyles. Biomedical Engineers will develop current and emerging devices, such as prosthetics, implants, heart-rate monitors, mobility equipment, medical imaging scanners, and assistive technologies.

Students will carry out practical work in biomechanics, ergonomics, usability, concept design, prototyping, and testing. The programme also examines bioethics and medical regulatory compliance, and includes an introduction to intellectual property.

Students study towards the Biomedical Engineering minor alongside Mechanical Engineering in the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours.

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