Virtual Courses Semester 1 2021

The following individual courses are available online for Semester 1 2021 for study abroad students who may wish to take a virtual course from offshore. Contact the UC Mobility team for more information.

Students considering study abroad in-person in New Zealand for future semesters should see UC's full course listings > 

Virtual Courses S1 2021

ACCT102 Accounting and Financial Information

ACCT152 Law and Business

ARTH103 ‘Picasso who?’ Introducing Modern Art

CHEM111 Chemical Principles and Processes

CHEM114 Foundations of Chemistry

CHIN152 Chinese Language 1-B

CHIN155 Understanding China

CLAS120 People, Places and Histories of the Graeco-Roman World

CLAS144 Beginners’ Latin A

CLAS145 Beginners’ Latin B

CINE104 The Oscar for Best Picture: The Envelope Please!

COSC121 Introduction to Computer Programming

COSC122 Introduction to Computer Science

COSC131 Introduction to Programming for Engineers

COSC101Working in a Digital World

CULT114 Aotearoa – Introduction to New Zealand Treaty Society

ECON105 Introduction to Macroeconomics

ENGR101 Foundations of Engineering

EMTH118 Engineering Mathematics 1A

ENVR101 Introduction to Environmental Science

GEOG110 Global Environmental Change

GEOG111 People, Places and Environments

GRMN151 Elementary German Language A

GRMN152 Elementary German Language B

HLTH101 Introduction to Health Studies

HSRV104 Youth Realities

HSRV103 Violence in Society

INFO123 Business Information Systems and Technology

LING101 The English Language

LING102 Language and Society in New Zealand and Beyond

MGMT100 Fundamentals of Management

MAOR107 Aotearoa: Introduction to Traditional Maori Society

MAOR108 Introduction to New Zealand Treaty Society

MAOR165 He Timatanga: Engaging with Maori

MATH101 Methods of Mathematics

MATH102 Mathematics 1A

COMS101 Media and Society

COMS102 Introduction to News and Journalism

PHIL110 Science: Good, Bad & Bogus

PHIL 139 Ethics, Politics & Justice

PHYS101 Engineering Physics A

PHYS111 Introductory Physics for Physical Sciences and Engineering

POLS102 Politics: An Introduction

POLS106 Plato to Nato: Introduction to Political Thought

RUSS130 Elementary Russian Language A

RUSS131 Elementary Russian Language B

PSYC105 Introductory Psychology – Brain, Behaviours and Cognition

SPCO 101 Introduction to Sport Coaching 

SPCO 102 Theoretical Foundations of Coaching and Teaching 

SPCO 104 Anatomy and Physiology 

SPCO 105 Social History of Sport and Physical Education 

SPCO 107 Sport Nutrition 

SPCO 110 Practicum 1 

STAT101 Statistics

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