UC is committed to Generation Study Abroad

UC is an official commitment partner to the Generation Study Abroad Initiative. Started in the USA by the Institute of International Education (IIE), Generation Study Abroad aims to help more students gain international experience through Study Abroad programmes, with a core goal of doubling the number of US students studying abroad by the end of the decade. UC is committed to welcoming Study Abroad students in support of this initiative.


UC is committed to the IIE Generation Study Abroad initiative to increase the number of US students studying overseas. In support of this programme, UC is also offering five special NZ$2000 awards for Semester 2 2016 (July 2016) to Study Abroad students from the USA. To apply, please submit a short statement of purpose outlining how the award would assist you to Anna Foster at anna.foster@canterbury.ac.nz by 1 May 2016. Applicants will need to have been accepted to the Study Abroad programme at UC for Semester 2 2016 and regulations for the general UC International Mobility Inbound Study Abroad Awards will also apply.

IIE Generation Study Abroad