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Behavioural Finance

20 May 2024

Are you keen to discover which psychological biases hinder investors making good returns on equity and crypto markets, how to avoid them and how you can invest in a way that is in line with the sustainable development goals, SDG, of the United Nations?


Start understanding equity and crypto markets so that based on your own investor personality you can find the investment strategy that is most suitable for you and for society.

This one-day workshop is specifically designed to support every person investing on the financial market - whether for personal gain or for investing for others. You will learn how much and which type of risk you should take, whether you should invest passively or actively and, if so, in which way you can act on the markets in line with the SDGs.

The course is open to all investors -- private or institutional, small or large investors of any age or background. It is never too late to make money - in a responsible way!


What will you gain?

By taking an evidenced-based approach that draws on theories of investment behaviour, psychology and market inefficiencies, you will learn how to develop an investment strategy and use this to sustainably grow wealth over time.

By the end of the course, you will understand:

  • How equity and crypto markets work
  • How to identify departures from rational decision-making
  • How to deal with behavioural biases and not let them limit your investment behaviour
  • Which typical departures from efficient markets can be observed
  • How to use these market anomalies and determine appropriate investment styles
  • How to select investment styles suitable for your personality
  • How to combine Behavioural Finance with sustainable investing.


Course structure

The workshop will start by giving a foundation of behavioural finance, using in class examples of irrational financial decisions. Then we will seek to demonstrate how to address these mistakes, in part using online tools.

Then we will help you to apply the knowledge to your financial situation, so that at the end of the course you will leave with a solid investment strategy suited to your financial situation that is in line with the SDGs. 



A certain level of assumed knowledge is expected of course participants; You should be able to calculate expected values and returns of payoffs, their variance and some psychological indicators like gain/loss ratios. Moreover, you should have a good understanding of your own financial situation.

The course does not cover things like handling a trading platform or retrieving data from the internet.

Pre-reading preparation can be provided, if needed.

Course Facilitator

Thorsten Hens

Prof. Thorsten Hens is a deep analytic thinker who has published almost 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers and written 10 scientific books.

Thorsten regularly teaches executive courses and has won teaching awards; for example for his course in behavioural finance applied to wealth management and to real estate finance.

Moreover, his company Behavioral Finance Solutions applies his insights at banks and financial institutions worldwide. 

Upcoming course dates

  • Friday 16 August 2024

If you wish to pay by invoice, please email us.



Ilam campus, University of Canterbury



$1150.00 including GST. 

Course fees include catering (all dietary requirements catered for), booking fees and on-site parking.

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