Organizational Psychology MicroMasters®

Free online organizational psychology MicroMasters® programme providing an overview of common processes in organizations from the perspective of how employees are affected by these processes and how they respond to them. Join UCx on edX to enrol! 

Title: Organizational Psychology MicroMasters® 
Instructor: Professor Katharina Naswall, Associate Professor Joana R C Kuntz, Dr Fleur Pawsey  
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Price: Free 

What you will learn

To apply psychological theories to the process of recruiting and selecting the right person for the job while minimizing bias in the selection process    

  • To apply motivation theories to performance management and appraisal, and to design appraisal systems that help promote high performance   
  • To understand significant leadership theories, and to explain the development of leadership skills and how they relate to employee engagement  
  • To apply core psychological concepts and explain how to build psychologically healthy and productive workplaces 
  • To understand and explain the factors leading to successful organizational change and learning among employees