Micro-credentials and Short Courses

A micro-credential certifies achievement of a coherent set of skills and knowledge; and is specified by a statement of purpose, learning outcomes, and strong evidence of need by industry, employers, iwi and/or the community. They are smaller than a qualification and focus on skill development opportunities not currently catered for in the regulated tertiary education system. Micro-credentials provide credit of between 5 and 40 points and they are standalone awards issued by the University of Canterbury. UC is developing a range of micro-credentials that we will be offering soon. Please take a look at the micro-credentials provisions.

A better start to reading

Better Start Literacy Approach
An integrated classroom literacy programme for Year 0/1 classrooms based on several years of research trials investigating the most efficient and effective methods to support children’s early reading, writing and oral language success.

Instructor: Dr Amy ScottDr Andrea (Andy) Vosslamber
Course Info: Better Start Literacy Approach 

Transition engineering short courses

Transition Engineering - Energy InTIME©

This course inspires and enables discovery and realisation of effective change toward carbon emissions downshift in a variety of organisational contexts.

Instructor: Adjunct Professor Susan Krumdieck
Course Info: Energy InTIME© (6-module course for engineers)

girl rides bike in city

Shifting Business to Net Zero

Get a new perspective on the climate crisis and learn how you can use transition engineering to make sustainable business decisions for your organisation or community.

Instructor: Adjunct Professor Susan Krumdieck
Course Info: Shifting Business to Net Zero