April Graduation FAQs

How can I graduate? Will my degree still get conferred?

Your degree will be conferred in absentia on either April 7 or 9 2020.  Your degree certificate will be posted to you at your graduation address and a digital version issued via MyEquals. Please closely check your address in the graduation confirmation letter you were sent from the Graduation Team. If your address is incorrect please let the Graduation Team know so they can update it for you – email graduation@canterbury.ac.nz

Will the April graduation ceremonies be rescheduled?

The University will hold a graduation celebration later in the year for students who graduate in absentia on April 7 or 9 and who wish to attend. The date of this celebration is yet to be confirmed and UC will be taking guidance from the Government regarding mass gatherings. The celebration will follow the same format as a normal graduation ceremony with the exception of the presentation of certificates.

I’ve already paid for my gown hire – can I get a refund?

Yes. The Graduate Women Canterbury (GWC) will refund your order on your request. Please contact the GWC directly to have your order refunded. Should you wish to attend the graduation celebration later in the year please contact GWC info@gwcregaliahire.nz to defer your order – email info@gwcregaliahire.nz

Can I still hire my cap and gown to get photos around campus?

Yes. You can hire your regalia for photographs and still have the regalia for the celebration without paying again. Please contact GWC – email info@gwcregaliahire.nz

Can I defer attendance to another ceremony?

The University encourages graduands to graduate in absentia in April then attend the celebration later in the year. If you wish to defer your graduation, the next ceremony is in mid-December 2020.  Please email graduation@canterbury.ac.nz before 27 March 2020 if you would prefer this option.  

My whānau/family and I have already made travel plans. What can we do?

UC recognises the challenging and rapidly evolving nature of this issue, and that at this time following advice from authorities on social distancing, reducing travel and other forms of controls are very important in helping to contain the spread of COVID-19. UC recommends contacting your travel company/agent promptly to discuss options.