Ceremony dates

There are seven Graduation Ceremonies held in Christchurch each year, as well as one ceremony held in Rotorua for College of Education students based in the North Island centres (please see Rotorua graduation).

The graduation ceremonies in December 2019 will be held in the Christchurch Town Hall.

Dates for December 2019 CeremoniesTime College 
Wednesday 18 December 10.00 am College of Education, Health and Human Development
  2.00 pm College of Business and Law
Friday 20 December 10.00 am Colleges of Engineering and Science
  2.00 pm College of Arts
Wednesday 11 December
1.30 pm College of Education, Health, and Human Development
Dates for April 2020 CeremoniesTime College 
Tuesday 7 April 2020 10.00 am College of Engineering
  2.00 pm Colleges of Business & Law and Education
Thursday 9 April 2020 10.00 am Colleges of Arts and Science