Multiple qualifications

If you are graduating with two qualifications and they are from different colleges, you may receive both qualifications together at one ceremony.

Application process

When you apply to graduate, please indicate in the 'Comments' field which college ceremony you wish to attend to receive both qualifications.

Ceremony options

You can choose which college hood you wear at the ceremony (though you can not wear both together). You may wish to order both hoods for photographs.

You may also select to graduate with both qualifications in person and attend both college ceremonies. In which case, you should advise the Graduation Office and order both hoods.

If your qualifications would normally be conferred at the same ceremony, they will automatically be awarded together. That is, you would not cross the stage twice in one ceremony.

If both of your qualifications are from the same suite of qualifications, you would not usually receive both in person. For example, if you were receiving a BA(Hons) and a BA, the BA(Hons) would be conferred in person and the BA would be conferred in absentia.

Further enquiries

See Graduation Contacts.