Apply to graduate in person

Applications to graduate at the December Graduation ceremonies are now closed.

Late applications will not be accepted.

You can hire your regalia for the December graduation ceremonies from 8 September.

Due to unexpectedly high numbers of applications for the December Graduation ceremonies, two additional ceremonies have been added and changes to the existing ceremony programmes have been made.

Graduates from the College of Engineering will now attend an afternoon ceremony, with a start time  of 2pm, on Thursday the 17th of December. Graduates from the School of Law, and Health and Human Development* will attend an evening ceremony with a start time of 6pm on Wednesday the 16th of December. 

If you are graduating with a double degree in Law / Criminal Justice and Arts, you can elect instead to graduate at the Arts ceremony, which will be held on the 18th of December at 2pm. Please let the Graduation office know as soon as possible if this is your preference. Please note that those students graduating with a double degree in Law and Commerce must attend the evening ceremony.

An email has been sent to affected students who have already applied to graduate; please see this for further information.

*Health Sciences, Clinical Teaching, Counselling, Palliative Care, Child and Family Psychology, Physical Education, Sports Coaching, Sports Science

Academic regalia

If you are graduating in person, it is compulsory to wear correct academic regalia. You should order this as soon as you have applied to graduate. Late regalia orders will incur a non-refundable late fee. Find out how to order your academic regalia.


All graduands are guaranteed three guest tickets and can request more when they apply to graduate via the online application form. Graduands do not need a ticket for themselves. Tickets are sent out with the Graduation Pack a week or two prior to the graduation ceremony. If we are not able to provide you with all the tickets you have requested, you will be sent an email ahead of time. Due to the limited amount of space available, we are not always able to provide everyone with the full number of tickets they have requested.

Multiple qualifications

If you are graduating with more than one degree, please see the important information about multiple qualifications.

Planning further study?

If you are eligible to graduate with a qualification, but intend to undertake further study towards that qualification to complete a second major, or you intend to transfer your courses to a higher qualification (for example, from a postgraduate certificate to a postgraduate diploma), you must seek further academic advice from your College Office. See College Advisors (Liaison Office website) for details.

If you have completed a qualification and you are planning to continue to a new qualification, for example, you have completed a BA and plan to enrol in a BA(Hons), these are separate qualifications and you can graduate with them separately.

Transcripts and Letters

If you require your official academic record or an official letter from the University confirming your eligibility to graduate, please see Academic Transcripts and Letters. Once your qualification has been awarded, your name will be added to the online Graduate Search which is publicly accessible. The University also gives names of graduates to their former secondary school.

Stay connected with UC

When you graduate, you become a member of the UC Alumni. To join the Alumni network and remain connected to UC, visit the Alumni and Fundraising website.

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