Bicultural Competence and Confidence

Engaging and understanding both New Zealand cultures

New Zealand is made up of two distinct cultures and UC aims to prepare you to work alongside both cultures with confidence and understand how it is relevant to your study and career. Having Bi-cultural confidence develops awareness and the ability to relate to different ideas. This skill also builds understanding with cultural identity, and the ability to see how culture connects with others, how ideas can be influenced and how it affects the work created.

Graphic of the bicultural themes (kaupapa)


Bicultural Competence Kaupapa


A process of self-reflection on the nature of ‘knowledge’ and ‘norms’.



The nature of contemporary Māori organisational structures e.g. rūnanga, hapū, iwi, iwi corporations.


Local, place-based

Traditional and contemporary realities of Māori society e.g. tikanga and kawa, te reo Māori.



The Treaty of Waitangi and Aotearoa New Zealand’s bicultural history.



The processes of colonisation and globalisation.

National and international

Other indigenous models of development, knowledge and behaviours.



Application of bicultural competence and confidence in a chosen discipline and career.


Self, local, national and international