Globally Aware

The understanding and ability to work within international views and goals

Global awareness attribute is an effort to include the international audience within the UC setting. Having a range of global connections can help produce and prepare students with skills to work on an international scale. 

With international views in mind, students can learn new ideas and possibilities that also appeal to a broader audience, which means that it will reach and benefit more people.

Developing this ability also helps increase cultural awareness, which is a useful skill for overseas working opportunities. Being able to understand cultural backgrounds and values prepares you for a range of international work settings, which will increase the experiences and career options.

Learning global awareness is also a gateway to creating an international-scale career or working overseas.


The kaupapa outlined below are overarching ideas on which to base more specific pedagogy, activities and experiences. Learning outcomes can be linked directly to them, as can course assessments. They provide a macro view to inform curriculum and do not define how these are to be applied to individual programmes of study. 

Globally Aware Kaupapa


Self-reflection on the nature of one's culture, language, and beliefs and on one's systems of knowledge



Understanding the global nature of the one's discipline.



The ability to engage critically and effectively in global and multicultural contexts.


National and international

  • Adapt a New Zealand report for an international audience
  • Conduct a literature review on a topic, specifically examining cultural perspectives on how the topic or research problem is addressed or framed
  • Research the impact of cultures on work practices
  • Write reflections on failures and successes in cross-cultural interactions