Human Ethics

Ethics written with blocks

The University of Canterbury aims to promote excellent and ethical research.

The University of Canterbury has two Human Ethics Committees for either research or teaching and learning proposals involving human participants.

Which committee?

The HEC reviews all proposals that are conducted within the University or outside of the University that do not involve an educational setting. The HEC reviews research proposals from all colleges and research units within the university (except for those covered by the ERHEC).

Apply to ERHEC if your research is conducted in: 

  • Early childhood centres.
  • Primary and secondary schools.
  • Tertiary institutions (pre-service and in-service teacher education and professional development or tertiary level professional practice).

Examples of research applications that would be considered by ERHEC include: 

  • Investigating teaching and learning in curriculum areas in primary and secondary settings.
  • Describing how early childhood educators use assessment to inform their practices.
  • How schools communicate assessment information to students and their families and whanau.

If you are unsure which committee to apply to please contact one of the committee chairs to discuss your project and application.