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Digital Humanities study options

01 November 2023

You can study digital media and technology at undergraduate level through UC's DIGI minor. Alternatively you can add a point of difference to your degree by specialising in Digital Humanities at 400 level through an Honours degree or a Postgraduate Certificate. Check out the Digital Humanities study options at UC.


You can study digital media and technology at undergraduate level through the DIGI minor, or add a point of difference to your degree by specialising in Digital Humanities at 400 level, either through an Honours degree or Postgraduate Certificate.

DIGI courses can be taken as a minor to the BA degree or as part of the Certificate in Arts. This pathway enables students to develop a critical understanding of the digital world through study across a range of Arts subject areas. Students will have the opportunity to explore digital research tools and methods in conjunction with critical analysis of a range of topics relating to digital technologies.

Explore your options

Here is the list of all the undergraduate courses we offer:

DIGI101 - Working in a Digital World

DIGI102 - Computers, Artificial Intelligence, and the Information Society

DIGI103 - Statistics 1

DIGI125 - Music Technologies 1

COSC121 - Computer Programming

DIGI202 - Cyberspace, Cyborgs, and the Meaning of Life

DIGI205 - Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

DIGI207 - Social Media and Public Life

DIGI210 - Big Data and society: Navigating Concepts, Methods and Critical Perspectives

DIGI223 - Text Analytics  

DIGI224 - Language & Space

PROD221 - Game Design in Context

DIGI301 - Reading Digitally: Electronic Texts in Literary Culture

DIGI302 - Cyberspace, Cyborgs, and the Meaning of Life


Need advice about courses?

Please contact DIGI minor coordinator.

It is possible to specialise in Digital Humanities for a BA Honours degree or to augment an Honours course of study in another Arts subject with one or two Digital Humanities papers. Students interested in balancing their major with digital aspects should especially consider DIGI 404 Digital Methods and DIGI 405 Digital Project.

Students take DIGI 404 and DIGI 405 and one other 30-point course from the BA Honours Digital Humanities options to complete a Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Humanities. Courses can be started in February or July. The PG Cert DIGI will usually be studied over one semester full-time or one year part-time.

Find out more about the Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Humanities or contact Digital Humanities Programme Coordinator.

For information on Masters or PhD supervision, including students from outside Arts who wish to study a topic relating to Digital Humanities or Digital Social Science, please contact the Programme Coordinator.

You are also able to take 400-level DIGI papers as part of the Masters in Applied Data Science, a course which accommodates students from a range of undergraduate backgrounds and develops skills and knowledge in data analysis through interdisciplinary study and applied project work on read-world data science problems. 

UC Digital Humanities works with the BA Internship Programme to place students in local businesses and organisations, where they provide useful services and gain work experience at the same time.

Current opportunities:

  • Canterbury Museum - Macdonald Dictionary of Canterbury Biographies. Semester 1, 2017

DH CM Internship (PDF, 681KB, 1 page)

Past internships have included:

  • Macmillan Brown Library Digital Content Curator - Exploring ways to connect the 6000+ items in the Macmillan Brown’s Theatre and Concert Programme and Ephemera Collection to potential audiences, using digital technology.
  • ‘Women’s Unheard Voices’ - Working with the National Council of Women New Zealand (NCWNZ) and CEISMIC to document women’s experiences surrounding the Christchurch earthquake.
  • Christchurch Arts Centre Digital Engagement - Research into the viability of various apps for use by the Arts Centre to promote itself to the broader Christchurch community and tourists
  • Environment Canterbury CEISMIC Collection - Working with ECan to collect and prepare their organisational content for the CEISMIC digital archive. A collection was created in QuakeStudies so that the content could be made publicly available.

More information

See the Course Information website for more details about studying Digital Humanities.

Digital Humanities

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