• 6 players/side
  • 2 female player/side on court at all times
  • Teams are to play with 6 players on the court (5 players and a goalie) – Minimum 2 females on court at all times
    • If a team chooses to have a female keeper – she does not count towards the 2 female count.
  • Teams must wear matching bibs (supplied by UC Rec & Sport).
  • Teams may register an unlimited number of players, only registered players are permitted to participate.



  • 12-minute halves, 2-minute half time (30-minute turn-around time)
  • Running clock games
  • 30 sec time-out in each halftime
  • 40 sec passive play applies
  •  Teams must be ready before the start of their game.


  • Normal IHF Handball rules apply:
  • Players allowed 3 steps with ball after landing, and can only hold the ball for 3 seconds.
  • Players can not enter either goal crease except in the act of shooting
  • Goaltender can play as an attacker.
  • No kicking the ball except for the goalkeeper making a save.
  • No tackle or pull/push while defending

Game of handball is a game of positioning and not defensive contact. The rules of the game encourage lots of shooting. Please play it in this manner. Remember this is a recreational level league!

 Rules alterations:

  • Blocks - Men cannot block Women’s shots (such blocks will be called as a shooting foul).
  • Substitutions - Unlimited “flying” substitutions.


  • Monday afternoons: 2pm - 5pm
  • Breaks for University holidays
  • Draws and other information about the competition will be posted and on UC Sport Competitions Facebook Page


UC RecCentre Sports Hall