Rocket league - Expanded Rules

Stoppage of Play

  • You cannot pause a game of Rocket If one of the following happens the match may be restarted depending on how far the match has progressed.
  • If a problem occurs all members of the team must stop playing, this will indicate to the opponents that a problem has
  • Message the problem to your opposition using the ‘Match Chat’ function on the NZSSE platform if its an unintentional disconnection:
    • A hardware or software malfunction (e.g., monitor power or peripheral disability or game glitch).
    • Player illness or injury during the match must be reported to Victory The decision will be made whether to continue the match or to restart the match with a substitute.
    • If both teams agree to finish the match in a handicap situatione., 2v3… then they can do so after informing Victory Up support
  • If the match must continue after an unintentional disconnection, then both teams must be ready before the match


Teams may make substitutions between rounds but not while the match is underway. The match must be finished before you sub another player in before the start of the next match.

Method of Victory

Victory is achieved according to the standard rules of the standard non-ranked mode. Method of victory include:

  • The team with the most goals after 5 minutes has expired,
  • If teams are tied, they will play a golden goal extra time.
  • If a team leaves the match and does not return the win will be awarded to the remaining

Types of Matches/ Points scoring

Best out of one

The points system for best out of one game to make up the match. Teams will earn points in the following manner:

  • The winning team will be awarded 3
  • The losing team will be awarded 0



Best out of three

The Points system based on best out of three games to make up the match. Teams will earn points in the following manner:

  • The winning team, which is the team that wins two out of the three games, will be awarded 3
  • The losing team will receive either 1 point or 0 points.
  • For the losing team to be awarded one point, they must force a third game in the The third game only happens if neither team manages to win both first two games.