League of Legends - Expanded Rules

Start of Match

  • Banning phase for League of Legends: The Banning phase will happen at the beginning of each Team coaches may help with this phase in any way you see possible. Once the banning phase is complete the match will officially get underway.

Stoppage of Play

  • If a player intentionally disconnects without notifying a coach or league official or pausing, an official or opposition is not required to enforce a
  • During any pause or stoppage, players may not leave the match or lobby area unless authorized by their head coach or a tournament
  • Officials may order the pause of a match or execute a pause command at any
  • Both teams are allowed ten minutes of pause You must un-pause once you have gone past ten minutes of pause timer. Tournament admins/ officials also have ten minutes in case they need to decide.
  • You can pause in the Tournament Draft format game using "/pause" & "/resume" in the game
  • You cannot pause the game during a Blind Pick format
  • You cannot pause during a fight that involves 3 or more champions from either
  • Players may only pause a match immediately following any of the events described below but must signal a head coach immediately after the pause and identify the Acceptable reasons include:
    • A hardware or software malfunction (e.g., monitor power or peripheral disability or game glitch).
    • Player illness, injury, or disability is not an acceptable reason for a player In such a situation, the team must alert an official, who may in his/her sole discretion, grant a pause to evaluate the identified player to determine whether player is ready, willing, and able to continue playing within a reasonable period of time, as determined by the official, but not to exceed a few minutes. If the league official determines that the identified player is not able to continue playing within such reasonable period, then the identified player’s team shall forfeit the game unless an official, in his/her discretion, determines that the game is subject to an Awarded Game Victory.
  • If your team pauses the game, you must confirm with the other team that both teams are ready to resume The other team must un-pause the game.
  • If a player pauses or un-pauses a game without permission from the coaches or Officials, it will be considered unfair play and penalties will be applied at the discretion of league

Methods of Victory

Whichever occurs first

  1. completion of the final objective (destroy opponents Nexus),
  2. Team Surrender, or
  3. Team Forfeit

Best out of one

The points system for best out of one game to make up the match. Teams will earn points in the following manner:

  • The winning team will be awarded 3
  • The losing team will be awarded 0

Best out of three

The Points system based on best out of three games to make up the match. Teams will earn points in the following manner:

  • The winning team, which is the team that wins two out of the three games, will be awarded 3
  • The losing team will receive either 1 point or 0
  • For the losing team to be awarded one point, they must force a third game in the The third game only happens if neither team manages to win both first two games.