Social Dodgeball Competition


  • 6 players/side
  • 2 female on court before starting (teams unable to field a female will play with 1 less player)
  • Teams may register an unlimited number of players, only registered players are permitted to participate
  • No sharp adornments or jewellery shall be worn, and fingernails should be kept short
  • Footwear (exculding jandals) must be worn at all times. No bare feet



  • Games consist of 2 halves of 12 minutes, 1 minute half time
  • Running clock
  • Maximum playing time is 30 minutes per game
  • In the event of a draw there will be no extra time unless the game is a final
  • Teams must be ready before the start of their game


  • Substitutions can only take place after a point has been scored


  • Players must retreat back to the start line after the inital rush
  • If the ball remains live until it hits either the ground, the walls, or other objects (including other players)
  • You may block a thrown ball with a held ball. However if you drop the ball in the act of blocking or fail to make a clean block (still hits you after blocking), you are out
  • If you catch a thrown ball you can "revive" a team mate from the order they were knocked out. The player who threw the ball is knocked out


  • If you are hit with the dodgeball from the shoulders down (Including clothing)
  • Cross the centre line (excluding the inital rush)
  • Your thrown live ball is caught
  • You hit another player with a headshot


  • Once a team has been eliminated a point is awarded to the non eliminated team
  • Play will cease at the half or full time whistle. The team with the most players remaining will be awarded a point, if they teams have an equal number of players no point will be awarded
  • A new point will start following half time


  • Thursday 2 - 4pm
  • Breaks for University holidays
  • Draws and other information about the competition will be posted and on UC Sport Competitions Facebook Page, and emailed to Team managers

Fees to play in the Social Sport Competitions:

  • To enter a team it costs $125.00 per team, per term (e.g. a team of 10 people it will cost $12.50 per person to play for the term)
  • Non-Members pay a discounted fee of $2 for entry into UC RecCentre (this includes full use of the facility post match).


UC RecCentre (online maps)