UC Sport and Recreation Clubs

The UC Archery Club aims to promote Archery within the University of Canterbury and the wider community. 

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To find out more get in touch with Selva at aid.selva@gmail.com

UC Athletics caters for athletes of all abilities, from the weekend casual runner to the world class!

Relays and team running

UC Athletics puts a big emphasis on relays and running as a team. UC Athletics currently has a great depth of talent throughout all age groups, which has seen members dominate recent distance events throughout Canterbury and NZ.

UC Athletics aims to foster and encourage all athletes to reach realise their full athletic potential. Current members are enthusiastic and ready to share their passion for Athletics!

Coaches and training

UC Athletics has experienced and successful coaches for all events and distances, regular social runs and events, and a large variety of group training sessions for all ages.

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Like UC Athletics on Facebook to stay up to date with details about the upcoming season. For more information please check out UC Athletics website. 

The University of Canterbury Badminton Club (UCanBC) cater to all skill levels from beginners to competitive. They have a BWF certified coach with sports science background that can help with your questions about the game or fitness tips. Membership fee includes a minimum of playing once a week at the club sessions where everything is provided (i.e. shuttles, racquet).

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Like the UCanBC page on facebook or email the club directly for more information. 


The UC Basketball Club is one of the biggest basketball clubs in Canterbury. UC Basketball caters for both social and competitive level men and women players alike. 


Trials are held each year in February. Teams are comprised of a mix of current UC students, graduates, and non-students. Men who are unable to find a place in a team are encouraged to participate in UC Basketball Leagues.

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Like UC Basketball on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest information, or email UC Basketball President, Piet Van Hasselt.

CUBA (Canterbury University Boardriders Association) isn't just a board riders club, it's for everyone who is remotely interested in any of the sports (fun) CUBA partakes in. CUBA plans to offer Learn to surf/skate/ski days and have a variety of social events (read epic parties!) to share their stoke for all things board related.


For the more experienced riders CUBA runs ski, skate and surf comps, in addition CUBA also help to run the Uni Ski Games where they compete primarily with Otago Uni for a week in the holidays.

In all CUBA is a great club to join regardless of your board riding abilities.

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Please like CUBA's Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest details, or for more information please email the club directly at cubacanterbury@gmail.com.

Party hard, Paddle harder! Like the outdoors? Fancy a bit of adrenaline? Then UCCC is right up your alley. An incredibly social club, the UCCC offers massive beginner kayaking courses, caters for advancing intermediates and has a competent group of white-water gurus.

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Head to the UCCC facebook page for more info, or check out their website.


The UC Canyoning club hold trips, information evenings, and social get-togethers for all those interested in canyoning.

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For more details join the club's facebook group, or email the club at uccanyoning@gmail.com

To register to bcome a member sign up here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2244184302472434/

UCheer are a competitive cheerleading club that work to bring cheerleading to a wider audience. They have a competitive team that travels to competitions and a more social side of the club. The club caters for a diverse range of people, ranging from those who have never been acrobatic to retired gymnasts and dancers. People of all skill levels are welcome to come and give it a go.

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Check out the UCheer facebook page or get in touch with the committee directly at ucheerchristchurch@gmail.com

The UC Climbing Club offers climbing opportunities for climbers of all abilities, whether you're looking to try climbing for the first time, or have been climbing for years. UC Climbing is about all things climbing, from bouldering to multipitch trad routes.

Climbing trips

UC Climbing organises many trips each year, such as overnight bouldering at Castle Hill, and has special deals with the UC RecCentre and The Roxx Climbing Centre to keep you climbing when it's raining.

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For more info please check out the UC Climbing Club facebook page, or email them directly at ucclimbingclub@gmail.com

The Burnside West Christchurch University Cricket Club (BWCUCC) is a proud cricket club with a rich history, and has been a home for many successful Canterbury and New Zealand cricketers. Burnside prides itself on its strong club atmosphere, and provides opportunities for all cricketers.

Whether you are after social and/or friendly Cricket, or more competitive and professional level Circket, Burnside can find a place for you in one of their many teams.

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For more information check out the BWCUCC's website, or contact the club at burnside.cricket@gmail.com.

UC Bike is for anyone keen on riding bikes, in particular those interested in mountain biking and road cycling. UC Bike also caters for triathletes who are interested in training along other road cyclists.

Members range from the competitive to the recreational. You can rest assured that you'll get plenty of riding time organised with weekly and monthly group rides, and biking trips outside of Christchurch.

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For more information like the UC Bike page on facebook, or email the club directly at committee.ucbike@gmail.com.

The UC Fencing Club (UCFC) is all about learning the ancient art of fencing in a fun social environment with a few coffees and beers along the way. UCFC has an extreme range of talent, from complete beginners, to top 3 Fencers in New Zealand. Therefore, regardless of ability, everyone involved will be able to find good bouts.

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Like UCFC on Facebook to stay up to date with news and events, or for more info check out UCFC's website.

UC Football provides Football (soccer) development and playing opportunities at a range of levels, from social football, to premier football in the Mainland Football Competition.

UC Football is one of the largest senior clubs in the Mainland Football Competition, represented by multiple Men's and Women's teams from the Premier League down to social grades. 

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Like UC Football on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest information.

UC Hockey has over 90 years of experience in providing and supporting UC Hockey players. Players enjoy the commitment of quality coaching, like-minded peers, a socially active club, and competitive playing opportunities.

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To stay up to date with news regarding the upcoming Hockey season, add UC Hockey as a friend on Facebook, or check out UC Hockey's website.

UC has a number of clubs dedicated to different Martial Arts and Combat Sports

UC Yoshukai Karate

UC Yoshukai Karate

Chan's Martial Arts - Kung-Fu and Tai Chi (CMA Kung-Fu)

Kung-Fu is designed around being stress free and effective self defense. CMA Kung-Fu teach a wide variety of techniques from kicks, strikes to wrist locking and throws.

Tai Chi is designed around balance and relaxation. CMA Kung-Fu teach exercises and forms that help the students relax physically and mentally for health and then as a Martial Art.

CMA Kung-Fu's parent School is based in Christchurch (where the CMA Kung-Fu Grandmaster teaches) so we are very close to the right information.

Check out CMA Kung-Fu's Facebook page for more information, or email Andy Lane (Laoshi/Instructor) at chans_uni@ihug.co.nz.

UC self-defence and combat sports

UC Self-Defence and Combat Sports

The UC Netball is one of the larger senio netball clubs in the Christchurch netball competition, ranging from Premier down to more social grades.

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Keep an eye on UC Netball's Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest information, or get in touch UC Netball's Club Captain Bridget Southey Jensen, or President Sue Wright

Like UC Sport Competitions to stay up to date with registrations for UC Sport's Social Netball Competition, and more competitive UC Netball Leagues or Tournaments.

Keep an eye on UC Rowing's Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest information.

For more info on UC Rowing email the UC Rowing President.

The UCRFC has an ongoing active relationship with the Canterbury Rugby Football Union.

The UCRFC is situated on Ilam Fields right next to the main UC campus, and its facilities are used to host teams competing in a range of Metro Competitions, including: Senior Men's (Divs 1, 2, and 3), Women's, Premier Colts, and Colts Reserve.

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For more information on the UCRFC, please check out the UCRFC's website, or email the club direct.

The Canterbury University Snow Sports Club (CUSSC) aims to provide students with the opportunity to have fun in the mountains Skiing and Snowboarding with their peers.

CUSSC run events throughout the year, both in town, and at the CUSSC's own field in Arthur's Pass, which has its own lodge where members can stay a night or two to save driving to the field each day. CUSSC also arrange carpooling to the mountains each weekend.

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To keep up to date with news please like CUSSC's Facebook page. For more info contact the club at snowsportsclubuc@gmail.com.

The University of Canterbury Squash Club aims to encourage players of all skill levels to have fun and enjoy playing Squash. From top players to beginners, UC Squash can point you in the right direction for games to suit all abilities.

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Like UC Squash on Facebook to keep an eye out for membership applications. For more information please contact UC Squash at ucsacsquash@gmail.com, or drop them a message on their Facebook page.

The University of Canterbury Table Tennis Club is a newly formed club on campus.

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For more information contact farideh.jamalibehnam@pg.canterbury.ac.nz.

The Canterbury University Tramping Club (CUTC) have weekly meetings (during term time), with speakers, games, movies … and of course organised trips every weekend! Club members can also rent gear from the CUTC locker.

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For more info check out the CUTC website and read some of their trip reports. Or, you can join the CUTC Facebook group to stay up to date with the upcoming trips and events.

Come and play frisbee at UC! Whether you're brand new to the sport or an experienced player, UC Ultimate would happy to have you!

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Feel free to join UC Ultimate's Facebook group. Or, for more details contact teh club directly at unifrisbee@gmail.com.

The Christchurch Underwater Hockey Club is a local club affiliated to the UCSA.

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To get involved in Underwater Hockey in Christchurch check out the club's facebook page or email the club at secretary.chchuwh@gmail.com

The UC Volleyball Club welcomes players of all levels, from beginners through to more experienced players. UC Volleyball provides members with opportunity to participate in all levels and types of Volleyball, social/competitive and indoor/beach.

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Like UC Volleyball on Facebook to stay up to date with all the latest information

Checkout UC Sport Competitions to stay up to date with registrations for UC Sport's Social Volleyball Competition, and more competitive UC Volleyball Leagues or Tournaments.

UC Strength is a club that welcomes all lifting practices such as powerlifting, bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, strongman, and casual lifting for general fitness. They aim to create a fun, comfortable and social environment for all UC students regardless of their background, skills, ethnicity and experience. The club strive to make this community not only informative but also engaging and connecting people.

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To get more details email the club directly at communication@ucstrength.club

YogaSoc was founded in 2014 with the goal of introducing as many people as possible to yoga, and connecting the rapidly growing yoga community at UC. We provide fun non-alcoholic events which focus on mental and physical wellness.

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To find out more check out YogaSoc's facebook page , or email yogasocexec@gmail.com

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