Master of Engineering

Female Mechatronics student in laboratory

Master’s research at SERC is done through the Master of Engineering (ME) programme. The research you can do depends on your background and the focus of your thesis project. If we find there is mutual interest in a topic, SERC will find the most appropriate academic department and co-supervisor for you to work with.

The steps below outline the process of finding out more about SERC's research projects and how to apply to the Master's programme:

The first step is to read about our research and see if your areas of interest are covered by SERC's research.

Next, find out which SERC staff are involved in your area of interest and get in contact with them to see if there is mutual interest in a research topic.

  • Browse the list of SERC staff to find potential supervisors.

Then investigate the scholarships and other support that are available to help you study at SERC.

Finally, to take the next step to apply to study at SERC:

The deadlines for UC Master’s applications are 15 June (for the July intake) and 10 January (for the February intake).

More information

For further information about the UC Master's programme see these pages: