SERC and WRC collaborate with a Massey University doctoral student

27 March 2017

The Spatial Engineering Research Centre (SERC) and the Wireless Research Centre (WRC) are collaborating with Chris Muller, a doctoral student from Massey University.

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Chris is working on the development of drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs) for tracking and monitoring wildlife. As part of his research on yellow-eyed penguin population and foraging dynamics, he operated a VHF-equipped drone in the sub-Antarctic to locate nests and track adult birds fitted with VHF transmitters. Thick vegetation and difficult terrain mean aerial tracking is significantly more efficient than ground tracking in this environment.

In addition, he is also investigating applications of this technology for tracking kiwis and other species.

Chris has previously worked as a Wildlife Telemetry Consultant for Sirtrack, and a Product Manager for Trimble and is committed to using cutting edge technology to further wildlife management and conservation biology.

Fred Samandari