Remote-control boat studies glacier

26 April 2017

UC Geography technician Paul Bealing operated a miniature hi-tech jet boat to safely investigate Lake Tasman, in the South Island.

  • Cutting edge UC research at Tasman Glacier

Scientists from UC's Geography Department have used a hi-tech, remote-controlled jet boat to investigate the Tasman Glacier in the South Island of New Zealand. The glacier has a relatively uncommon underwater "ramp" of ice jutting out from the glacier's edge (terminus), into the bed of Lake Tasman. The Tasman Glacier had been somewhat dangerous to investigate, as there was a risk of ice breaking off the glacier and dropping into the water. The remote-controlled mini jet boat allowed the researchers to drive it over the underwater ramp and collect bathymetric data from 240 metres below the lake while tracking its location in real-time.

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Research paper

Sally Gaw

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