Canterbury Geography High School students explore technology at UC

15 August 2017

Year 13 Geography scholarship students spent a day at UC learning about drones, tracking using social media, and how your location is constantly recorded by companies and services.

  • UC Geography's Geospatial Science Technician Paul Bealing talks drones and UAVs

    Geospatial Science Technician Paul Bealing talks drones and UAVs

Senior Lecturer Malcolm Campbell presents on

Senior Lecturer Malcolm Campbell

On 28 July, Geography Scholarship Day was held at UC in the John Britten Conference Room. 42 Year 13 Scholarship students and teachers from 11 Christchurch High Schools descended on campus to explore broad topics related to technology in geography, presented by staff from UC’s Geography department.

In the morning, Senior Lecturer Malcolm Campbell spoke to the students about population tracking using smart phones and other data; Geospatial Science Technician Paul Bealing followed with a talk and a demonstration about the use of drones and UAVs. Senior lecturer Ben Adams finished the morning session with a presentation about the use of social media and demonstrated Frankenplace, an online mapping search engine he developed. 

The Geography teachers took over for the afternoon for the scholarship workshops, focussing on how to write a good answer, including original diagrams, and practicing some scholarship style questions.

Sally Gaw

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