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UC researchers nominated for business innovation

16 May 2016

Two University of Canterbury academics are shortlist finalists in the 2016 KiwiNet Awards that showcase the clever science driving business innovation in New Zealand.

UC institute to build NZ geospatial future

26 April 2016

A new Geospatial Research Institute at UC is expected to add significant value to existing private and public investment in spatial data acquisition, application nand research

UC welcomes new Engineering Geology lectureship

22 April 2016

UC has signed a partnership with geotechnical engineering firm Pells Sullivan Meynink to sponsor a new senior lecturer position in Engineering Geology.

Simulating friendly fire to learn how to avoid it

05 April 2016

In a laboratory used for human factors psychology research, doctoral students simulate friendly fire.

UC Connect: The future of tertiary education

24 March 2016

What can the five-year-old Productivity Commission add to a thousand-year-old institution?

UC chemists defy 'rules of attraction'

21 March 2016

UC researchers have discovered a very unusual chemical system that breaks the chemical 'rules of attraction'.

UC professor uses supercomputer to simulate quake

23 February 2016

University of Canterbury Professor in Earthquake Engineering Brendon Bradley has, using UC's Blue Gene supercomputer, simulated the ground shaking from the 14 February quake.

Universities unite in freshwater research

17 February 2016

The University of Canterbury's Vice-Chancellor Dr Rod Carr and Lincoln University's Acting Vice-Chancellor Dr John Hay sign a new Waterways Centre agreement.

New windows on the Universe

12 February 2016

Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory researchers have spotted gravitational waves - UC Physics Professor David Wiltshire explains what it means for us.

New York professors teach geology, tectonics at UC

29 January 2016

Syracuse University Earth sciences professors Suzanne Baldwin and Paul Fitzgerald will be teaching and researching in Christchurch for the next three months.

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