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Didymo directly affects freshwater fish: new study

16 August 2016

A new study by University of Canterbury researchers has shown that the invasive freshwater algae didymo is having a significant impact on fish in our rivers and streams.

UC researchers take leaf from nature to catch CO2

10 August 2016

UC researchers have been awarded research funding from the Royal Society of NZ Catalyst Fund to create a synthetic leaf to use or consume the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

UC marine scientists come to aid of lost Orca calf

05 August 2016

A baby orca separated from its family is the focus of a rescue mission uniting University of Canterbury marine scientists, DOC staff and locals near Tauranga.

Exploring space and STEM to save Earth

05 August 2016

University of Canterbury students got a chance to pick the brains of one of the United States' most influential scientists, NASA Deputy Administrator Dr Dava Newman.

School students 'adopt' a scientist from UC

20 July 2016

Four Lincoln High School students have 'adopted' researchers at the University of Canterbury Rose Centre for Stroke Recovery and Research.

UC research funded in Deep South Science Challenge

05 July 2016

UC researchers have been funded $450,000 for new scientific research to help better understand our future climate as part of the government's Deep South Science Challenge.

UC research on effects of the quakes on whitebait

17 June 2016

The recovery of īnanga (whitebait) spawning sites following the Canterbury earthquakes will be discussed in a seminar by doctoral researcher Shane Orchard

GRI to meet geospatial data skills shortage

15 June 2016

UC's new Geospatial Research Institute will deliver world-class geospatial science projects and meet the demand for collaborative research with industry and government.

World-first research: Can we fix the cough reflex?

14 June 2016

Ground-breaking research at the University of Canterbury has been granted $150,000 to explore whether it's possible to rehabilitate the human cough reflex.

Top Science graduate wins 2016 France Scholarship

02 June 2016

The 2016 New Zealand France Friendship Fund Excellence Scholarship has been awarded to Benjamin Wilson from the University of Canterbury.

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