Choose Science. Change the world.

A careers event like no other.

Antarctic scientists

Thinking about studying science? Not sure where it can lead? Come along to our careers evening and find out where science can take you.

Time: 6.30pm to 8.30pm
Date: Wednesday 29 May 2019
Location: University of Canterbury Ilam Campus, Central Lecture Theatres

Learn about degree options and campus life. Hear from some of our inspiring graduates and find out how they’ve turned their passions into successful careers with a science degree.

Entry is free and supper is provided. Bring your friends and whānau!

Guest Speakers


The researcher: Michelle LaRue (MC)

Michelle is a researcher at UC’s Centre for Antarctic Studies. Her research involves using high-resolution satellite imagery to study the spatial ecology and effects of climate change on Southern Ocean predators. She’s currently researching the population dynamics of Weddell seals, after successfully leading the first population census of both Adélie and emperor penguins.
Before UC, Michelle was a GIS analyst for the United States Antarctic Program at University of Minnesota while completing her PhD in Conservation Biology.

Hannah Prebble

The communicator: Hannah Prebble

Hannah is a scientist at MARS Bioimaging Ltd – an award-winning manufacturer of innovative medical research technology. She has a BSc in biochemistry and biology, MSc in biochemistry and PhD in biochemistry; and wanted to be a scientist since high school. Hannah’s job as a sales and application support specialist for the company, sees her travelling the world to promote MARS technology to the global medical community and showing other scientists how it works and where it can make a difference.  As a career choice, she says science has exceeded her expectations. “It’s exciting and every day is different.”

Amy Whitehead

The analyst: Amy Whitehead

As a child growing up in Fiordland, Amy was fascinated with the natural world around her and always asking difficult questions about why things were the way they were. These days, as a quantitative freshwater ecologist at NIWA, Amy’s still asking tough questions as she tries to solve challenging environmental problems. She’s also still exploring. Through her work she’s been to some amazing places from deepest Fiordland to Antarctica and worked with incredible species such as kākāpō, takahē, whio, and Adélie penguins. Follow Amy’s research, wildlife photography and travels on her blog.

Matt Vannoort

The teacher: Matt Vannoort

As a chemistry teacher, Matt has been able to fulfil his passions for education and science in his career.
Having developed a keen interest in chemistry at high school, Matt decided to continue his studies into university with a Bachelor of Science. After completing his undergraduate degree, he found he’d also developed a passion for education and went on to study Secondary Teaching Studies, becoming a qualified high school teacher.
“I get to shape the lives of young people and help them discover how amazing chemistry is. You can have a lot of fun!”

Emma McCone

The problem solver: Emma McCone

A desire to solve big global challenges inspired Emma to study Geography at UC. She says the subject taught her to think about the world holistically and understand patterns and relationships between various phenomena. “I developed a strong sense of critical thinking which I’ve found is an incredibly priceless skill.” She’s now a graduate adviser at Ministry of Transport developing policies to solve major transport problems. “Working in the policy field is exciting and rewarding, especially when a piece of work you’ve contributed to lands on the Minister’s desk and is implemented through Cabinet.”

Ray Hidayat

The tech expert: Ray Hidayat

Ray is a software engineering manager at Verizon Connect, one of the world’s largest telematics providers. Telematics is an interdisciplinary field encompassing telecommunications, vehicle technologies and computer science. Ray and his team are currently working on developing “the world’s best commercial vehicle routing software” to help companies become more efficient.
Ray’s journey into telematics began as a child when he first learned about computer programming and, “I was hooked ever since”. He went on to gain degrees in computing, commerce and management. He’s now helping develop some of the most cutting-edge algorithms in his field.

Jess Holland

The global citizen: Jess Holland

Jess has a deep desire to tackle the challenges facing life on earth. She says geography, with its focus on understanding and solving global issues, was the logical place to start her future career.
She’s currently studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Geography and is also an undergraduate Geospatial Technician at WSP Opus – one of the world’s leading engineering consulting firms. Her goal is to become a geospatial analyst, helping people manage the effects of climate change.
“I’m really enjoying geography. Learning about the interconnectedness of Earth and its systems has expanded my world view and made me a better global citizen.”

Where to go

Free parking will be available in the Clyde Car Park. From there, make your way to the Central Lecture Theatres (see red map pins below).

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