Mental Health and Nutrition Media

The surprisingly dramatic role of nutrition in mental health

TEDx Christchurch, 1 Nov 2014

Watch a TEDx talk Prof Rucklidge delivered in Christchurch.

What if... Nutrition could treat mental illness (2014)

University of Canterbury, May 2014

Watch Prof. Rucklidge speak at the University of Canterbury on her field and the rationale behind using nutrients to treat mental illness.


Covid-19 lockdown: What can help your mental health

Louise Ternouth, RNZ Checkpoint, April 2020

Nutrition during times of stress and trauma. Nights. Radio NZ with Bryan Crump.

RNZ, March 2019

Food for thought 

Dougit, Nov 2018

Professor Julia Rucklidge on diet and mental health 

Seeds, Aug 2018

Julia Rucklidge: Nutrition, Mental Health and TED 

Mad In America, July 2018

Micronutrients with Dr Julia Rucklidge 

Fighting for your mind, April 2018

Micronutrients and their link to mental health

RNZ, Aug 2017