Earthquake/disaster-related research

Road cracked from Kaikoura earthquake. Shutterstock

As a result of a large number of earthquakes in Christchurch and the Canterbury area since September 2010, and Japan's March 2011 massive earthquake, staff and students from the Psychology Department have undertaken numerous earthquake/disaster related studies such as: 

  • The psychological effects of experiencing earthquakes such as cognitive impairment, stress, sleeplessness and many other behavioural effects
  • Implications of disasters for human performances
  • Promoting recovery and building resilience for individuals and communities
In Press

Nilakant, V., Walker B., Kuntz, J., de Vries, H., Malinen, S., Näswall K., & van Heugten, S. (in press). Dynamics of Organizational Response to a Disaster: A Study of Organizations Impacted by Earthquakes. In C. Michael Hall, Sanna Malinen, Russell Wordsworth and Rob Vosslamber (Eds), Business and Disaster Management: Business, organisational and consumer resilience and the Christchurch Earthquakes. Routledge.


Kuntz, J.C. (2015). The protracted effect: Exploring the relationship between organisational disaster responsiveness and employee burnout. Natural Hazards Review.

Conference Papers:
Malinen, S., Nӓswall, K., and Kuntz, J.C. September (2015). Paper: Organisations’ role in post-disaster recovery – FIOH2015 - Finland.

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Näswall, K., Malinen, S., Kuntz, J., May (2015). Paper: “Change from the inside: Research-informed but organization-driven intervention to promote worker wellbeing” – Work, Stress and Health Conference, Atlanta, USA.

Technical Report:
Näswall, K., Kuntz, J., Hodliffe, M., and Malinen, S. (2015). Employee Resilience Scale (EmpRes): Technical Report. Resilient Organisations Research Report (2015/09).


Conference Papers:
Kuntz, J.C., July 8-13 (2014). Facilitating disaster recovery and wellbeing in the Education Sector: Evidence from two studies. Malinen, S., Kuntz, J., Näswall, K., Kemp, S., Rucklidge, J., Symposium: Wellbeing and recovery in a post-disaster context – International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP), Paris, France.

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Journal Article:
Rucklidge, J.J., Blampied, N.M., Gorman, B., Gordon, H.A. and Sole, E. (2014). Psychological functioning 1 year after a brief intervention using micronutrients to treat stress and anxiety related to the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes: A naturalistic follow-up. Human Psychopharmacology Clinical and Experimental, 29(3): 230-243.

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 Sleeplessness, stress, cognitive performance following earthquake

Nutritional supplements for psychological resilience