What are UC's entry requirements?

Eligibility to enrol and entry requirements

You can check your eligibility to enrol and entry requirements.

You will need to select “Bachelor of Science” in the first drop box and in the second drop-box you need to select an official name of your country, for example “People’s Republic of China” if you are from China.

Fees and other costs

The UC Bachelor of Science degree is a points-based degree:

  • Each course completed by the student contributes specific number of points (e.g. CHEM111 gives 15 points), with 360 points required to complete this degree.
  • UC estimates that it will cost NZD 36,563 to pay for the first 120 points of the degree in 2021.
  • In addition to course fees, UC charges a student services levy, which will be NZD 877.20 for 120 points of degree in 2021.
  • Finally, mandatory insurance for international students (for visa purposes) for a single student will cost NZD 670.00 in 2021. Insurance for couples will cost NZD 1,340, and this will increase to NZD 1,675 for a family (i.e. a student +2 or more).

Overall this constitutes an excellent value for money when compared with the fees at other overseas Universities, which can be twice as high. For example in the case of University of Cambridge (UK) a University fee of UK£33,825 plus required College fees of approximately £10,000, equates to a total of approximately NZ$92,000 for the first year of study.

How an application for enrolment works?

  1. In order to apply for enrolment at UC you need to check your eligibility (see above) and choose the qualification (“Bachelor of Science”) and the courses (for example, we suggest PHYS101, CHEM111, MATH102 and COSC131 for S1) that you would like to study.
  2. Next, you need to fill out an enquiry form for the ‘Start online; finish on-campus’ 2021 pathway.
  3. To enrol into one of the study pathways delivered by the SPCS you should tick one of the following “Programmes of study” in the form: Bachelor of Science (major in Astronomy), Bachelor of Science (major in Biochemistry), Bachelor of Science (major in Chemistry), Bachelor of Science (major in Medicinal Chemistry), or Bachelor of Science (major in Physics).
  4. Please, enter the key phrase “SPCS webpage facilitated my application” in the final field “Questions or comments” of the form. This will ensure that your name is entered in the prize draw run by SPCS (to say thank you for applying).

What is the enrolment process for international students? 

International students enrol in the multistep process.

  1. Create an account at the MyUC online student portal in order to submit your application.
  2. Apply for admission through myUC to have your admission application assessed.
  3. If your application is approved you will then receive an Offer of Place.
  4. Once you have received your Offer of Place you can complete the rest of your application to enrol by adding your courses for study online.
  5. Finally, you will complete your enrolment in person when you arrive at UC.