Medicinal Chemistry

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Want a career with real impact? Study medicinal chemistry and learn how to design and develop medicines that could improve and save lives all over the world.

School of Physical and Chemical Sciences (SPCS) at the University of Canterbury is one of the best places to study Medicinal Chemistry in New Zealand (在新西兰学习药物化学), including recently introduced SPCS online-to-campus pathway (新西兰本科留学, 新西兰大学学习).

Medicinal chemistry is the link between lab-based synthetic chemistry and the real world of health care, prescription medicines, and pharmaceuticals. 

As a medicinal chemistry student, you’ll learn about the entire process of drug discovery — from lead generation and molecular optimisation through to production, clinical approval and treatment. You will gain the knowledge and skills to work at the front line of the pharmaceutical industry.

Study medicinal chemistry at UC and you will:

  • learn about pharmaceutical drug design, from discovery to development
  • gain knowledge and skills to create life-saving medicines
  • hone your research and lab skills

While studying Medicinal Chemistry at the School of Physical and Chemical Sciences students will take a selection of well-designed courses throughout the degree.

  • We offer heaps of options and flexibility, amazing research opportunities and passionate, world-recognised lecturers.
  • Our campus is friendly, compact and based just on the edge of Christchurch city.
  • Te Kura Matū | School of Physical and Chemical Sciences is equipped with excellent facilities both in undergraduate laboratories and for research work. 

Year 13 chemistry is recommended preparation for first-year students, but for those who have had minimal preparation in chemistry, we offer CHEM 114 Foundations of Chemistry, an introductory Chemistry course. 

Medicinal chemistry prepares you for a career in the rapidly developing field of pharmaceutical science. You could help fight infectious diseases, solve antibiotic resistance, or even design and make the next breakthrough anti-cancer drug. If you’re looking for a rewarding career where you can make a difference to lots of peoples’ lives — medicinal chemistry could be for you.

Career options include biotechnology, drug discovery and design, experimental research, industrial research and development, medicine, patenting and intellectual property, pharmaceuticals and sales, pharmacology.

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