Charles Li

'Studying Geology has brought me to many places outside of campus...'

  • Charles Li

Studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Geology

As a Christchurch local having experienced and become fascinated by the earthquakes of 2011, UC presented a unique opportunity for Charles to be directly connected to experts on the ground through Geology studies.

‘I have been interested with the processes and mechanisms involved leading up to the event. With the renovations and the opening of new buildings and facilities, the campus offers lots of study spaces and a comfortable learning environment,’ he says.

Being a fan of the outdoors for hiking and landscape photography, his degree choice also meant being able to study in the field.

‘Studying Geology has brought me to many places outside of campus,’ he says. ‘I am able to apply theories and processes to visualise what the environment was like in the past.’ 

His passion for the subject has lead him to work as both a Teaching Assistant and a Lab and Field Demonstrator for the Departments of Geography and Geology.

‘I promote self-learning and provide support to students in their lab courses. There, we reinforce concepts taught in lectures and reapply methods to gain practical skills.’

Outside of class, Charles is also supporting his fellow students as the Education Officer at RockSoc, the Geology student club. 

‘The club aims to provide an array of events, providing a balanced student lifestyle with events from flatcrawls, to industry information evenings, and tutorials,’ he says.

Following his studies and work helping other students understand and engage in geological sciences, Charles hopes to continue doing the same for his future career.

‘I hope to work in the geotech consulting industry, and be able to apply the practical experiences I have learnt from studies.’

Sriparna Saha

Sriparna Saha

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