Seminar Series

TWO GEO-PHOTOGRAPHERS: Joseph Divis and Lloyd Homer


Simon Nathan


GNS Science

Time & Place

Wed, 12 May 2021 12:00:00 NZST in ER 263


Joseph Divis and Lloyd Homer both photographed aspects of New Zealand’s landscape and mining history. Divis was a working miner from 1909-39. Photography was his hobby, and he recorded life in mining towns where he lived, particularly Waiuta and Waihi. Homer worked for the NZ Geological Survey in the late 20th century, specialising in aerial photography before the days of drones and satellites. The work of these two photographers is now a valuable heritage resource, recording both the natural environment and the nature of past mining.


Simon is an Emeritus Scientist at GNS Science.

From Simon: Although my background is as a geologist and science administrator, these days I call myself a writer interested in the history of New Zealand science. Recent books include “James Hector: explorer, scientist, leader” (2015), “Through the eyes of a miner, the photography of Joseph Divis” (2010), and “Harold Wellman, the man who moved New Zealand” (2005).