Seminar Series

Seamount subduction along the Hikurangi Margin: Implications on subduction zone processes and seismic risk


Sam Davidson


University of Canterbury

Time & Place

Thu, 01 Oct 2020 16:00:01 NZDT in ER 263


The Hikurangi Subduction Zone represents one of New Zealand’s most significant seismic hazards. Consequently, understanding the driving factors which influence subduction zone behaviour such as the role of ‘rough’ subduction is of key focus. Along the Hikurangi Margin, numerous seamounts on the down-going Pacific Plate protrude several kilometres above the surrounding Hikurangi Plateau, resulting in significant deformation to the overlying Australian Plate as they are ‘swept under the rug’. This talk presents examples of seamounts at varying stages of subduction along the Hikurangi Margin and discusses the role such features may play in subduction zone behaviour.


Sam is a PhD candidate in the School of Earth & Environment, University of Canterbury.