Seminar Series

The BERTHA Big data Centre for Environment and Health – Opportunities and Challenges


Clive Sabel


Aarhus University Denmark

Time & Place

Fri, 25 Sep 2020 13:00:20 NZST in BT 111


The BERTHA Big Data Centre for Environment and Health at Aarhus University, Denmark, aims to muster the huge potential opportunities from the Big Data revolution to help us understand the complex interactions between environmental pollutants and human health. Spatial lifecourse epidemiology and the exposome, are seminal concepts that underpin the centre, as we aim to recreate the lifecourses of the entire Danish population. Key to this overarching aim is Spatial Data Science, rich (Big) datasets, developing algorithms and intelligent data analytics, applied to our specific health outcomes that include cardiorespiratory and mental health. Significant computational challenges include Big Data collection and linkage from diverse data sources that vary over space and time. Data sources include national health registries, nationwide environmental exposures at fine spatial and temporal resolution; social media; personalised sensors; and individual biomarkers from blood bank, cardiac and physical activity cohorts. A further challenge involves developing Big Data analytics to extract pattern or trends from this complex set of data, a truly Big Data mining initiative.

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Clive is currently an Erskine visitor with UC.