Seminar Series

Evolution of micrometeorological observations: From instantaneous spatial and temporal turbulent velocity measurements to intelligent spatial turbulence measurement systems


Ben Schumacher


Time & Place

Mon, 11 Nov 2019 12:00:00 NZDT in ER 263


Fluid turbulence is the chaotic change in the fluids pressure or flow velocity. Without atmospheric turbulence Earth’s water will not evaporate, it’s surface will experience a runaway heating effect, and our forests will not be able to breathe! How do we measure turbulence? How much do we know about this atmospheric property? More importantly, can we develop a new observational system that elucidates the hidden spatial complexity of turbulence? This seminar will cover my 1-year progress in this research topic and introduce how high speed infrared cameras, when combined with data science methods, can advance our knowledge of spatial turbulence dynamics in the field of surface layer meteorology.



Ben is a PhD candidate at the University of Canterbury.