Sarah Willette

Studying towards a PhD in Disaster, Risk & Resilience

Location: Ernest Rutherford 262
Country of origin: USA
Sarah Willette

My research aims to develop a holistic and nuanced picture of the exposure and resilience of a range of migrant communities to natural hazard risk across Aotearoa New Zealand using a combination of qualitative and GIS mapping approaches. This project seeks to identify pathways to reduce exposure and build resilience to these risks, especially through policy, planning and civil society initiatives.


Primary Supervisor: Sarah Beaven

Research Interests

  • Disaster risk and resilience
  • Migration
  • Natural hazard mapping
  • Natural hazard risk assessment
  • Participatory research methods

Working thesis title


Academic History

BA, Oberlin College (2016)

Master of Development Studies, Victoria University of Wellington (2020)