Rachel Teen

Studying towards a PhD in Water Resource Management
Location: Julius von Haast Level 7
Rachel Teen

Rachel completed her Masters in Water Resource Management at Lincoln University and has returned to University of Canterbury as a PhD candidate to research the determinants of water sensitive cities from a strategy as practice perspective. With a background in project and business management Rachel is interested in the relationship between water and society, the way they both shape and reshape each other over time and space. Her PhD explores this hydro-social concept through a strategy as practice lens to investigate how, and the degree to which, water management strategists and decision-makers transition toward more sustainable urban environments.

Rachel has held board positions in the tourism and health sectors, and now assists the core group at the New Zealand Association of Impact Assessment is Vice Chair on the board of Graduate Women Canterbury; and intermittently continues her project management work toward biodiversity restoration around Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere.

Waterways PhD Profile