Finn Scheele

Studying towards a PhD in Disaster, Risk & Resilience
Modelling post-disaster habitability and population displacement

Location: GNS Wellington
Country of origin: New Zealand
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To plan and prepare for future events we need to have a good understanding of the impacts to communities. This means going beyond physical damage assessments to examine the impacts to individuals and households. My project will develop models to measure the impacts of natural hazard events to residential habitability and associated population displacement. Important questions include: What are the factors that lead to loss of habitability and population displacement? How long will people be out of their homes, and where will they relocate? What preparation, response and recovery actions could help keep communities together?

Answering these questions will require complex modelling techniques, data collection and analysis. It is essential to account for the variability in natural hazard event types, built environment impacts such as building damage and utility outage, and the variation of community and household characteristics. For example, a major earthquake affecting a city will have different impacts to a flood affecting a rural community. I will be examining the experiences from past events in New Zealand and internationally to gather insight into the important factors to incorporate in the modelling. The models will be agent-based, to account for individual and household decision-making, as well as test the influence of different actions (e.g. increasing household preparedness or providing various temporary housing options).

Working thesis title

Modelling post-disaster habitability and population displacement

Academic History

BSc Geology (UC), MSc Hazard and Disaster Management (UC)

Professional History

Risk Scientist at GNS Science, 2017 - present