Current PhD Students

Colin Bloom

Coseismic Landslide Interactions with Surface Fault Rupture During the 2016 Kaikōura Earthquake

Jaime Delano

Understanding vertical deformation from New Zealand earthquakes
Supervisor: Tim Stahl

Pedro Doll

A study in the postglacial effusive activity of Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand
Supervisor: Ben Kennedy

Koen Faber

Assessing the role of life events and socialisation in active travel behaviour: A biographical approach
Supervisors: Simon Kingham, Lindsey Conrow

Pablo Fuchs

Sensitivity of mountain glacier energy and mass budgets to changes in surface conditions
Supervisors: Heather Purdie, Marwan Katurji

Natasha Gardiner

Exploring the Antarctic science-policy interface.

Laura Gnesko

Submarine coseismic landslides and underwater landscape dynamics of the Kaikōura Canyon
Supervisors: Tim Stahl, Joshu Mountjoy

Rodrigo Gomez Fell

Ice Tongue stability in a changing climate

Johanna (Jo) Hanson

Using a spatial and temporal approach to understanding marine and terrestrial links over the Holocene at Horomaka | Banks Peninsula, New Zealand.
Supervisors: Catherine Reid, Jamie Shulmeister

Henry Hoult

Conduit establishment and evolution during explosive eruptions of Mt Taranaki inferred from volcanic lithics

Jade Humphrey

Fault interactions and multi-fault ruptures in central New Zealand
Supervisor: Andy Nicol

Tim Martin

Applying active learning strategies through a Volcanology virtual field experience based MOOC.
Supervisor: Ben Kennedy

Doug Mason

Performance of cut and fill slopes in earthquakes and impacts on the built environment
Supervisor: Clark Fenton

Tyler McNabb

Socio-ecological co-benefits of urban blue-green infrastructure
Supervisors: Rita Dionisio, Ed Challies

Erin McEwan

River avulsions caused by fault surface ruptures: processes and review of immediate impacts
Supervisor: Tim Stahl

Martin Nguyen

Eva Nielsen

Data driven analysis of the spatiotemporal occurrence and impact of foehn events along the terrestrial coastal margin of Antarctica using remote sensed products
Supervisors: Marwan Katurji, Peyman Zawar-Reza

Gabriela Pilson

Weather-Related Risk Management Decision-Making in Antarctic Tourism: Expedition Guides’ Perspectives
Supervisor: Daniela Liggett

Andrea Pozo Estivariz

Advancing methods of rapid flood risk scenario assessment using hybrid approaches of hydraulic modelling and machine learning
Supervisor: Matthew Wilson

Justin Rogers

A numerical simulation of fine sediment dynamics in the lower Rangitata River in response to different flow regimes, supported by complete substrate mapping, with a view to informing flow management of the River and its impact on ecological values.
Supervisor: James Brasington

Tusar Sahoo

Tectonic evolution and petroleum system development in the Great South Basin

Sulaiman Sarwary

Institutional structures, social capital & community resilience: can legislative & governance arrangements facilitate community influence on disaster resilience recovery decision making?
Supervisors: Sarah Beaven, John Hopkins

Finn Scheele

Modelling post-disaster habitability and population displacement

Corinne Singeisen

Identifying controlling factors on initiation and failure mechanisms of large co-seismic landslides during the 2016 Mw7.8 Kaikōura Earthquake using numerical modelling

Jan Sintenie

Sarah Smithies

Rhyolitic magma system of the 350 – 240 ka ignimbrite flare-up, Taupō Volcanic Zone, New Zealand

Amilea Sork

From launch to landing: Flight dynamics of molten volcanic ballistics.

Hadee Thompson-Morrison

Trace element fluxes in African oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) agroecosystems
Supervisors: Brett Robinson, Sally Gaw

Julia Torres Ventura

Decolonising Indigenous Peoples’ Territories. A comparative analysis of the legal persons: Urewera Forest, New Zealand and Atrato River, Colombia.
Supervisors: Ann Brower, Elizabeth Macpherson, Lindsey MacDonald

Alex Watson

Geoparks, Education & Outreach: Strengthening Geoscience Education in Aotearoa New Zealand?
Supervisors: Ben Kennedy, Samuel Hampton

Sarah Willette

Permanent long-term international migration and hazard risk planning and policy in Aotearoa New Zealand: A Te Waipounamu South Island case study
Supervisors: Sarah Beaven, Thomas Robinson

Nabeel Shakeel

Measuring temporal-spatial inequalities in accessing bus and cycle routes in major cities of New Zealand
Supervisors: Lindsey Conrow, Simon Kingham, Matt Hobbs