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Visiting expert pleads for light rail

16 September 2013

A global expert on world urban rail systems has made a plea for Christchurch's rebuild planners to include light rail for the future benefit of the city in recovery.

Experts slam Christchurch transport proposals

03 September 2013

UC transport experts are slamming proposals to improve a high capacity ChCh arterial road, saying the move is old-school 1980s-style transport planning.

Tokyo river research has lessons for NZ

23 August 2013

A University of Canterbury senior hazards lecturer believes Christchurch and Wellington can benefit from his research on river channels in Japan.

Past to shed light on Antarctic weather patterns

12 August 2013

To better predict future Antarctic weather trends, a University of Canterbury researcher is seeking to understand the polar region's past icy conditions.

Poor air quality for ChCh and Auckland commuters

29 July 2013

While NZ's major cities have less congestion and lower volumes of traffic than cities overseas, they still produce high commuter exposure to finer particles says UC expert.

UC student driven by tsunami tragedy

22 July 2013

A University of Canterbury PhD student is investigating the impact of tsunamis on Samoa and other countries in the Pacific.

Lessons will make coastal cities more resilient

31 May 2013

A UC geography expert believes lessons from Christchurch can make New Zealand's coastal cities like Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin more disaster-resilient.

Hospital network adapted promptly to quakes

22 April 2013

The Christchurch hospital network adapted promptly post-earthquake to maximise the efficiency of the damaged hospital capacity, University of Canterbury research has found.

Wine industry to benefit from dryer weather

16 April 2013

The New Zealand wine industry is likely to benefit from a long term trend towards increasing dryer and warmer summers, a University of Canterbury weather expert says.

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07 March 2013

In the context of increasing demands from a growing global population, a UC researcher has called on greater efforts to be made to preserve the world's food production areas.

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07 March 2013

Extensive droughts across parts of New Zealand are part of long-term trend towards increased frequency of anticyclones over New Zealand, says a UC weather expert.

$20 tax for ChCh cycleways - who benefits?

28 February 2013

University of Canterbury transport expert Professor Simon Kingham says while the debate on cycleways for Christchurch is looking at who pays, he questions who will benefit.

Project to help Antarctic seals and penguins

18 February 2013

The University of Canterbury is launching a new research project to help seals and penguins in the Antarctic.

Greater need to encourage more walking and cycling

28 January 2013

The return of traffic chaos around NZ schools this week highlights the importance of plans to encourage more walking, cycling and public transport use says a UC expert.

UC academic appointed to Marsden Fund Council

07 December 2012

A second University of Canterbury academic has been appointed to the Marsden Fund Council which allocates millions of dollars of research funding every year.

Students to monitor human impact on the Antarctic

29 November 2012

The summer tourist season is under way in the Antarctic and thousands of tourists are expected to visit the frozen continent over the coming months.

What the future holds for Christchurch

06 November 2012

Post-earthquake Christchurch is now an extremely dynamic place to live and work, University of Canterbury's Dr Tom Wilson has told a conference in London.

Study to unearth historic Antarctic weather data

08 October 2012

Weather data recorded by early explorers in the Antarctic will be the focus of a year-long research project by UC's Dr Ursula Rack.

Ross Sea needs to be policed

20 September 2012

Antarctic Treaty countries need to stop illegal and unregulated fishing in the Ross Sea says University of Canterbury's Professor Bryan Storey.

Dramatic loss of Arctic sea ice

20 September 2012

The Arctic has suffered a staggering loss in sea ice, in stark contrast to the Antarctic, a says University of Canterbury lecturer.

Human footprint poses risk to frozen continent

20 September 2012

A University of Canterbury lecturer is concerned about the potential increase of high-risk tourism activities in the Antarctic and a lack of regulation to address their impact

Antarctica may need greater protection

19 September 2012

The near pristine environment of Antarctica will, in time, come under threat as the world's oil supplies dwindle, says a University of Canterbury expert.

Magma brewery to help predict volcanic eruptions

13 September 2012

University of Canterbury volcanologists have invented a very expensive super alloy pressure cooker that will help GNS Science better predict volcanic eruptions.

UC graduate to organise national quake drill

12 September 2012

Former University of Canterbury graduate Anita Komen is co-coordinating New Zealand ShakeOut, an earthquake preparedness campaign culminating in a national earthquake drill.

UC research to help grow NZ's wine industry

11 September 2012

A $500,000 international research project into climate and vineyards, led by UC, is expected to result in an increase of up to 10 per cent in income for NZ's wine industry.