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Better planning needed in rebuild of Japan's coast

17 August 2012

Poor planning, inadequate engineering and ineffective evacuation plans were some of the reasons 20,000 people perished in last year's Japanese tsunami, UC research has found.

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15 August 2012

Investigations by a University of Canterbury researcher have found that the Alpine Fault's last rupture almost 300 years ago reached a magnitude of approximately M 8.1.

Natural hazards in the spotlight at UC

15 August 2012

Experts from NZ and overseas will discuss disaster warnings, responses and recovery trends at a major Australasian natural hazards management conference at UC next week.

Students' educational computer game wins award

17 July 2012

Two University of Canterbury PhD students have received international recognition for their educational computer game, "GeoThermal World".

South American eruption reveals lessons for NZ

11 July 2012

New Zealand could learn vital lessons from how Chile and Argentina dealt with the volcanic eruption of Puyehue-Cordón Caulle last year, according to University of Canterbury's

Methane and hydrogen could be key to life on Mars

22 June 2012

Finding out if there is life on Mars may only be two simple measurements away.

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05 June 2012

The impact the recent Christchurch earthquakes have had on people's health in different parts of the city is being undertaken by researchers at the University of Canterbury.

New techniques used to study Port Hills fault

17 May 2012

Researchers are using techniques never used before in New Zealand to study the history of ancient earthquakes around the Port Hills.

Antarctic research links forged with Korea

16 May 2012

New Zealand and Korea are poised to start a new collaborative research effort in the Antarctic following plans for a $90 million state-of-the-art station being built on the frozen continent at Terra Nova Bay.

Ultimate honour for frisbee champ

15 May 2012

Antarctic studies PhD student Crystal Lenky isn't just talented in her field of expertise, Antarctic seals, but she is also an accomplished Ultimate Frisbee player.

Window on early life on Earth

14 March 2012

Unique microbial structures found only in a remote lake in Antarctica are giving a University of Canterbury researcher a glimpse into the organisation of early life on Earth.

Antarctic sea ice reveals more about climate change

01 March 2012

Investigating the thickness of sea ice in Antarctica that could be being affected by climate change has been a rewarding experience for UC's Gateway Antarctica PhD student Daniel Price.

UC geologist honoured by PM for post-quake communication

16 December 2011

University of Canterbury geologist Dr Mark Quigley has won the 2011 Prime Minister's Science Media Communication Prize for his communication work following the Canterbury earthquakes.

New SVA president keen to lend a hand

07 December 2011

As the new president of the University of Canterbury Student Volunteer Army (SVA), Andrew Chalmers says it's about rolling up your sleeves and helping those people who need a hand.

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14 November 2011

A University of Canterbury geologist who helped the nation understand what was going on under the Canterbury Plains after the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 has received national recognition for his work.

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06 October 2011

University of Canterbury researchers have been awarded nearly $3 million in funding in this year's Marsden Fund round.

General staff celebrated

02 September 2011

College of Science general staff scooped the pool in this year's Vice-Chancellor General Staff Development Awards.

Warm reception for new polar studies journal in Iceland

27 July 2011

A University of Canterbury-based international polar studies journal has been welcomed by social scientists at the launch of its first issue in Iceland.

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07 July 2011

The University of Canterbury is to hold a series of free public lectures that will consider the geological, engineering and psychological aspects of the recent earthquakes.

UC academic appointed to Fulbright Board

09 June 2011

University of Canterbury academic Dr Travis Horton (Geological Sciences) has been appointed a director of the Fulbright New Zealand Board.

Researchers discover remote expedition depot in Antarctica

23 May 2011

Members of a combined University of Canterbury and University of Waikato research team in Antarctica has discovered a small depot left behind by members of Admiral Byrd's Second Antarctic Expedition from 1933 to 1935.

Antarctic explorer's experience retraced by grandson

08 February 2011

Any trip to Antarctica is an amazing experience, but following in his grandfather's footsteps more than 100 years later was a memorable and emotional experience for Julian Evans.

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27 January 2011

Researchers at the University of Canterbury and University of Edinburgh believe a restriction on the number of fast food and convenience outlets around schools is one option that should be considered in the battle against obesity rates in children and adolescents.