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A very high standard of individual and group behaviour is required on all SEE field trips. All students must comply with University Discipline Regulations (UC Calendar) and comply with all instructions given by University staff or policies specific to field activities. Some of these instructions and regulations relate to the health and safety of individuals and the group as a whole. Other instructions relate to the care of University and private property, as well as the reputation of the University. It is important to recognise that all students on field trips are seen as representing the University in public.


It is the personal responsibility of each student to manage their own behaviour.  Any student disobeying instructions, breaching regulations or requirements with respect to academic programme related activities, or behaving in a manner which staff members regard as unacceptable may be penalised. In extreme circumstances, e.g. involving safety, a student may be dismissed from the field trip and removed from the course by the field trip leader or course co-ordinator who has delegated authority from the Head of School.  All serious breaches of University Regulations and Policies will be reported to the University Proctor.


It is the professional responsibility of staff to ensure the safety of all participants on field trips. Alcohol or other non-prescription drugs are strictly prohibited at the field-station and field accommodation for undergraduate trips. This is a health and safety issue. A drunk/intoxicated or drugged student is potentially unsafe both to themselves and to others. A number of incidents have occurred on previous residential field trips, involving excessive consumption of alcohol resulting variously in serious misbehaviour, a breach of the University Discipline Policies, detrimental effect on the University’s reputation and/or damage to property. Any student found with alcohol at the field station or to be affected by alcohol or other non-prescription drugs will be dealt with severely by the trip leader and/or course co-ordinator; the penalty for this offence will be up to and including dismissal from the trip.

At postgraduate level, the decision on whether alcohol is allowed at the field accommodation is at the discretion of the field trip leader. If alcohol is permitted, both staff and students are responsible for meeting the general university policy on alcohol.  This involves only responsible and moderate use of alcohol.  The same penalties that apply for undergraduate/dry postgraduate trips apply to individuals on trips where alcohol is permitted, if they break the policy.



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