Rock Mechanics Laboratory

Rock Testing

The School of Earth and Environment | Te Kura Aronukurangi has a well-resourced rock mechanics laboratory for testing the strength, permeability, porosity and ultrasonic properties of rocks. The equipment includes:

  • 2 Compression frames (maximum load of 3000kN)
  • Synchronous strain measurements
  • Triaxial cells
  • Pulse Decay Permeameter
  • Steady State Permeameter
  • Pycnometer for porosity testing
  • Digital point load testers
  • Portable rock shear-box
  • Slake-durability equipment
  • Ultrasonic compression and shear wave velocity analyser
  • Schmidt hammers

Rock Preparation

A self-contained rock preparation room adjacent to Rock Mechanics houses:

  • 3 Rock drills
  • 2 Rock saws
  • 3 Rock grinders

A small field drill is also available for some core samples to be collected in the field.

Contact us

Cathy Higgins

Engineering Geology
Ernest Rutherford 109
Internal Phone: 95023

Sarah Pope

Engineering Geology and Health & Safety Representative
Ernest Rutherford 109
Internal Phone: 95022