Research Microscopes

The Research Microscope Facility contains numerous microscopes for various types of research, including:

  • 2x PELCON automatic point counters attached to Leica DM-EP /Meiji MT9000 transmitted light microscopes.
  • Meiji MT9000 series Dual-Purpose (reflected and transmitted light) microscope.
  • Leica M205C Microscope with a Reliotron V Cathodoluminescence instrument and a Luminera Infinity 1 microscope camera.
  • Leica DM2500P microscope with a Nikon DS-L4 Microscope camera.
  • Leica DM RXP microscope with a Nikon DS-Ri2 microscope camera.
  • Meiji PKL pole stand stereo microscope with a Luminera Infinity 1 camera.

There are also numerous reference books and thin sections to aid identification and analysis.

Electron Microscopy

The University of Canterbury operates a centralised facility for all electron microscopy. This is currently housed in the School of Engineering's Mechanical Engineering Department. Click here for further information on electron microscopy at Canterbury and the UCEM facility.

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